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Beschreibung zum Spiel

Howl of the Ravager stands as a powerful story on its own and a precursor to the main trilogy, shedding light to events which took place more than twenty years before Celestian Tales: Old North. Glimpse upon the life of young Severin Leroux and witness his first steps to become a hero of the realm.

While bringing back the much-loved painted environments, emotive character portraits, meaningful combat encounters, and heavy storyline of Celestian Tales: Old North, Howl of the Ravager also improves upon many of the core game’s features. Due to popular demand, it brings increased movement speed, event-skipping function, as well as difficulty settings, among other things.

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Sprache: (Englisch)
System: (PC)
Genre: Rollenspiel
Größe: 1000MB
Hinzugefügt: 09.06.2016
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