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Take on the role of Victor Locke, a mercenary hired by the church to clean out the filth that has begun plaguing the lands. Your current mission is to investigate a small town and find the cause of recent missing person reports. Use a variety of weapons to carve through the undead minions and put a stop to the devil worshipers before they complete their ritual.

New silly mode has been added. Silly mode introduces farts, burps, cow grenades, pistols that shoot chickens, shotguns that shoot goats, and assault rifles that shoot pigs. Have fun!

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Sprache: (Englisch)
System: (PC)
Genre: Action
Größe: 520MB
Hinzugefügt: 03.08.2015
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    Der Titel ist falsch. Tatsächlich erhält man hier: Share-PLAZA (HFM Games),
    statt Devils.Share-PLAZA (Digital Homicide Studios)