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Beschreibung zum Spiel

Doom ist eigentlich der vierte Teil der bekannten Ego-Shooter-Reihe von id Software, dessen Gameplay an das Original von 1993 angelehnt ist: Als Marine ballern wir uns durch eine UAC-Forschungsstation auf dem Mars und schroten zahllose typische Seriendämonen wie Revenants, Hellknights und Mancubi zurück in die Hölle, wo es selbstverständlich auch noch hingeht. In unseren Händen das übliche Arsenal: Schrotflinte, Chain Gun, Plasmagewehr, BFG und der ganze andere Kram. Als Grafikgerüst dient die id-Tech-6-Engine. Über das Tool »SnapMap« können Spieler auf allen Plattformen Multiplayer-Maps aus vorgegebenen Bauteilen erstellen. Eine Koop-Kampagne gibt es nicht, dafür spielen im Multiplayer bis 12 Spieler und setzen Power-Ups ein. Neu sind Klassen mit bestimmten Waffen-Layouts. Jeder Soldat trägt zwei schwere Waffen und einen Granatentyp. Waffen-Pickups wie in den früheren Doom-Teilen gibt es (abgesehen von Spezialwaffen) nicht. Gegen Dämonen-Gegner kann man besonders blutige Finisher anbringen und Gegner so beispielsweise zersägen oder auseinanderreißen.

Um die Sprache zu ändern, muss die Datei CPY.ini geöffnet, und die gewünschte Sprache bei language eingetragen werden (z.B german statt english). Möglicherweise muss vorher der Schreibschutz der Datei entfernt werden. Wir empfehlen zum bearbeiten der Datei "Notepad++".
weitere Informationen
Sprache: (Multi-Deutsch)
System: (PC)
Genre: Action
Größe: 62300MB
Hinzugefügt: 08.12.2016
11.693 Hits


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Kommentare (14)

  • alialbani


    au banan ich dreh durch


  • nicht ich


    Jetzt bitte nochmal in verständlich.


    • GLOADcc


      alialbani freut sich sicher einfach ;).


  • Carl



    „Game is updated to the latest version available“, das muss nicht unbedingt aktuell sein. Leider fehlt daher die Information, ob wie beim Release von ElAmigos, das Update 3 und der DLC Unto The Evil enthalten sind.


  • Carl


    Den Schwachmaten, die meine Frage negativ bewertet haben, denen fehlt wohl der Intellekt, um die Frage geistig zu verarbeiten.


  • lraC


    Hä ?
    Versteh ich nicht


  • powerlol


    wie kann ich das spiel in deutsch um stellen?


    • GLOADcc


      Wir haben die Info dazu in der Beschreibung hinzugefügt.


  • new



    update 1 to 5:


    Added new game mode, Infernal Run
    Teams fight to obtain the ball and score in the opponent’s goal
    Added Bots for multiplayer
    Bots are available on original multiplayer maps in Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch game modes
    Increased the maximum level cap to Echelon 11, level 50
    Added the DOOM Marine Armor (Praetor Suit) as unlockable perk for achieving maximum multiplayer level cap

    Resolved an issue where rapid controller input caused unusually high shotgun damage.

    You can now play as the DOOM Marine in Praetor Suit Armor
    Added over 30 Lazarus Lab–themed modules
    Added Lazarus Lab–themed props
    Improved Object Limits
    Persistent Integer variables that can be passed between missions within a campaign
    Save and restore your health/armor/ammo/weapons/equipment/max weapon slots/inventory
    Added the ability to Get and Set Score
    You can now access the Leaderboard Score in the HUD
    Added new (first-person view) Player Camera Entity
    Added camera rumble FX and sounds
    Added new player modifiers
    Ledge grab time, power-up time, barrel damage, equipment cool down
    Plasma weapon mastery
    Additional single-player Interactables
    New single-player styled Objective HUD
    Added single-player Compass
    General single-player consistency pass on HUD
    Added more POI options
    Show distance, show on compass
    Updated victory and post-match summary screens
    More interactable and customizable GUI
    Added animated Echo Events
    Added new FX/hazards
    Added % encounter complete listener to encounters
    Ability to remove AI from finished encounters and events
    Ability to remove unspawned AI from the AIC
    Added ability to turn off bobbing on pickups to place them however you want
    Editor improvement to hide/show types of objects
    Editor improvement to lock rotation when moving objects
    Editor improvement to disable snapping of objects to the floor
    Added armor Customizations and Taunts

    Update 4:

    2 New Modes
    Possession – New team-based Prowler vs. Marine multiplayer mode.
    Bloodrush – New free-for-all multiplayer mode.
    Region selection in MP, allowing folks to matchmaker based on their preference
    Entitlements are now shared at the lobby level instead of by invite, so you won’t need to send an invite every match to players who do not own the DLC content.
    General matchmaking improvements to Multiplayer
    Added new voting system in playlists for multiplayer modes and maps

    New DOOM Classic Campaign
    Added Feature Pack Campaign mission, including new classic DOOM levels

    Classic DOOM Content
    New classic DOOM modules, props, interactable items, lifts, pickups, sounds, classic player deaths, and music.

    Community Support
    Community Curation system enables newly published maps to be reviewed and recommended by the community
    Community HUB overhauled, which makes finding your favorite content easier
    SnapFeed support, allows users to subscribe to authors, players, and maps to get up-to-the-minute details on new content

    Custom Environment Creation
    Detailed hotspot and tiling textured blocking volumes can be used to create custom environments
    Decal Tool to add blood, numbers, demonic symbols, grime, corrosion, and more to your maps
    Massive update of new Hell and UAC environment props
    Added new container object models

    Additional Logic Tools
    Copy content and logic from one map to Paste into another
    Created multi-level campaign using Next Map Logic
    Added Hazard and FX as a category of Spawners
    Set color input added for all volumes and hazards
    Snap Grid Offsets added to editor settings to allow authors to offset in XYZ coordinate space
    POI can now be set on spawner items
    Authors can get precise camera position by previewing the camera view within the editor
    Added set environment and fade to camera properties
    Authors can set their editor view to ignore current module environment settings
    Cylinder volumes can be used as shootable triggers
    Added support for silent (no VO announcements) lockdowns
    No longer need to set a DOOM ID to post to map leaderboards

    Additional DOOM Single Player Consistency
    Additional DOOM weapon upgrades from Campaign – mastery versions of the HAR and Combat Shotgun
    Campaign-styled communication HUD elements
    Editable interactable GUI
    Additional FX and Hazards
    Added Rune Tablet interactable
    Publish maps with Campaign intro screen and lobby
    Additional equipment pickup items
    Add Static keycard and weapons props
    Added setting to disable hit feedback sounds
    Added setting to disable damage indicators
    Added setting to disable AI teleport FX
    Added Berserk power-up

    Miscellaneous Fixes and Additions
    Added additional armor and weapon customization skins
    Added Revenant player demon
    Usable volumes will now work in the front of doors
    Blocking Volumes (previously called Player Blocking Volumes) now default to static and visible when placed
    AI can now be affected by Blocking Volumes
    Some props can have their FX toggled on and off

    Update 3:


    Fixes and Optimizations
    Fixed an issue where exiting a Classic Map would cause the user to freeze on the Main Menu
    Fixed a progression blocking issue when reloading checkpoint in Titan’s Realm while picking up yellow skull in crusher room.
    Fixed the Summoner and Pinky models not being visible under the Collectibles menu.
    Fixed a crash which occurred when reloading Security Switches checkpoint with DOOM Classic Weapon Pose enabled in the VEGA Central Processing
    Fixed cases of the Combat Shotgun Pop Rocket mod not tracking progress towards mastery.
    Fixed an issue where dying at the map transition and restarting the map in next level would put your character in a broken state
    Fixed an issue where turning on the Classic Weapon Pose during a weapon examination cut scene would cause a broken state
    Fixed Remote Detonation mastery not incrementing if the player first uses Stun Bomb on enemy targets.
    Fixed an animation issue where the Talisman Guards‘ legs would not move.
    Fixed an issue where Mission Select does not accurately reflect the in game status of Dead Man Stalking Challenge in Kadingir Sanctum.
    Various instability issues addressed.


    Fixes and Optimizations
    Improved general stability
    Undo/Redo no longer causes memory drops
    Anonymous players now are counted correctly in the map play counts
    AI Path Points now work properly when set to Sprint
    Browser sorting and empty browser are improved
    Weapon switch now has proper key bindings
    Empty Containers can now be picked up
    Weapon On Pick Up logic works when set to On Touched
    Clients are now stopped by Player Blocking Volumes
    Locked doors now properly display a “Locked” message
    Skull keys can be added and removed from Inventory
    Added “Manage by AI Conductor” setting to property settings of additional AI
    Ammo gained from picking up weapons works properly in all cases
    Powercore spawns properly when spawned a map start
    Lost Souls work properly with AI Path points
    Give Armor works properly in all conditions

    Update 2:

    Single Player
    Fixes and Optimizations
    Fixed an issue where performance gradually decreased in the Polar Core level
    Fixed an issue where the Gauss Cannon’s charged mod alt-fire did less damage than the base fire damage
    Fixed an issue where players were unable to unlock the Argent Overload achievement/trophy if they began their progress after the release of Update 1
    Fixed an issue where players were unable to unlock the Tinkering trophy if they began their progress after the release of Update 1 (PS4)
    Fixed an issue where some users were not able to progress weapon and rune masteries after the release of Update 1.
    The “What Else Ya Got” achievement/trophy no longer is blocked for those who have not completed the “Double take” challenge.
    Fixed an issue which prevented users from using Combat Shotgun mods when out of shells, with “Rich Get Richer” enabled.
    Multiplayer damage indicators have been removed from the single player mode.
    Fixed an issue where users experienced a crash to desktop while using current NVIDIA drivers. (PC)
    Fixed an issue which prevented users from assigning menu-specific actions to the Steam controller. (PC)

    New Features
    Added two new multiplayer game modes
    Sector – Capture and Hold
    Exodus – Capture the Flag

    Improvements to Matchmaking
    Fixed several cases of party invites not working after the host leaves.
    Improved host migration success rate.
    Fixed issues with network connectivity loss resulting in being unable to join future matches
    when connectivity was restored.
    Improved handling of party peers in the game lobby.

    Fixed several third-person weapon issues (animation shaking, customization not appearing).
    Fixed an issue with the magnetism hack module where power-items would not return to their original position if the player died while in transition.
    Fixed an issue where taunting many times in a row could cause the player’s third-person animation to be stuck in one pose.
    Fixed cases of loading screen tooltips not showing up correctly.
    Fixed issue with Clan Arena and Freeze Tag showing the incorrect amount of player icons on the HUD (top-left player indicators).
    Fixed issue with level up rewards, including level up rewards not being awarded properly).
    Fixed presentation issue in the Intro sequence (disabling weapon GUI being displayed early).
    First person hands customization fixes (fixed some cases where first person hands customization meshes weren’t being shown correctly).
    Fixed duplicate selection boxes in the Challenges screen.
    Fixed issue where the previously played map could be loaded into the playlist again.
    Fixed issue with PS+ offer being shown at an inappropriate time (PS4).

    Community HUB Improvements
    Added Find Open Match, a public match browser displaying all available public lobbies
    Added a Recently Played Maps list
    Added ability to Subscribe to maps and browse them from the new Subscribed Maps list
    Improved the Map Browser with additional sorting options
    Added new unlockable images for customizing published maps (11 new backgrounds, 10 new mode icons, 20 new miscellaneous images)
    Added icons on the Map Browser to identify Cloud/Local maps

    Editor Functionality Improvements
    Added God Mode and Infinite Ammo as testing settings for map authors
    Added Movement Speed settings in the editor

    Content Additions
    Added a customizable Weapon Wheel that allows the player to hold any number of weapons
    Added 30 new Hell themed Modules including indoor and outdoor environments
    Increased the number of weapons available by adding the Pistol, the Chainsaw and the Static

    Added Skull Keys, and Hell Barrel
    Added The Unwilling to the available AI
    Added the Mancubus as a selectable Player Demon
    Added new Interactables including the Gore Nest, Hell Tablet, and Tripod Panel, a customizable touch screen panel
    Added weapon-specific ammo to Pickups and AI drop tables
    Added all new Hell Props including a giant demon skull, altars, cauldrons and more
    Added construction props such stone blocks, rocks, columns, and arches for customizing

    Hell environments
    Added Launch Pads with logic to control distance, speed, direction, and destination
    Added new FX to accompany the Launch Pads
    Added new Demonic and Origin Hell Voice Speakers
    Updated Speakers to include new instrument sounds
    Added a Switch object which triggers only one output based on a specified index
    Added a Custom Event object which triggers all instances of an event when any instance of it is signaled
    Added three new Filters including Equipment, Weapon, and Cached Entity Filters

    Improvements to Logic and Object Functionality
    Weapons now have a property that allows players to pick up weapons when touched
    AI have two new properties to Set Stagger Percentage, and Enable/Disable Stagger
    Players now have the On Health Percentage Reached output
    New style properties have been added to Light objects to create light FX such as blinking, strobe, rotating, and more
    Props and Player Blocking Volumes now have a Static property that will return their
    Network budget value, but will disable all inputs (show, hide, etc) during a match
    Updated the Inventory entity to manage multiple weapons
    Updated Player Loadout object to include Demon Player race selection
    The AI Conductor behavior can now be altered when entering a module
    AI spawning can be inhibited in a module through logic
    Module Environments can be changed during a match with logic
    Friendly AI health bars and POIs can be hidden or shown
    Hazard damage can be set to a Variable
    Color properties are now shown in a color swatch
    A large health bar is now available as an Objective
    Use Alternative AI Drop Table that simulates Campaign drops from demon kills

    Fixed the Spend input to result in a Spend Failure if it causes a Player/Team Resource to fall below zero
    Fixed Player Demon hand jittering
    Fixed the Network cost of Lights. This may result in previous maps having a maxed network budget. Map authors may need to remove other networked objects or use the Static property on Props or Player Blocking Volumes that aren’t altered using logic.

    Update 1:


    Added Classic DOOM weapon placement/view model option (all modes)
    Added Photo Mode (You’ll find the new Photo Mode toggle in the game settings. It is
    available through the pause menu once you are loaded into a map via Mission Select)

    Updated weapon balance (live as of June 10, 2016)
    Clan Arena and Freeze Tag now require the winning team to complete 5 rounds in order to
    win the match. (live as of June 10, 2016)
    Customization UI has been implemented to show all possible unlocks
    Cross Style option has been added to settings for MP.

    Added Original Author to the map info page
    Added a timeout for AFK in Lobby
    Added a property to allow map authors to choose if SnapMap will auto-manage (hide/show) hand-placed AI
    Added Enable/Disable to Shootable Trigger
    Added Sky/Window props
    Added an auto-rollback to previous version for corrupted maps
    Improved sorting algorithms for Most Popular map searches


    Single Player
    Fixed Steam Friends’ Ultra-Nightmare Helmets not populating the map
    Fixed freeze when opening weapon wheel at more than 142 FPS (PC)
    Fixed quit to desktop when clicking campaign after initiating Dev Mode (PC)
    Fixed “IDKFA” Trophy/Achievement not properly unlocking (all versions)
    Fixed PS4 crash when reloading checkpoint in Foundry
    Fixed some occurrences of the “Every Nook and Cranny” Trophy not unlocking after collecting all Doomguys (PS4)
    Fixed an issue where the game required Internet access (Xbox One)

    Fixed crash while experiencing server connection issues (PS4)
    Fixed crash when a client suspends the game while a lobby loads into a match (PS4)
    Various cosmetic and gameplay fixes
    Matchmaking improvements
    Fix for restrictive NAT types being chosen as dedicated server lobby host
    Fix for larger lobbies having longer matchmaking times
    Fix for Player getting left behind if they join a friend as the lobby countdown finishes
    Bug and stability fixes

    Fixed Asian language font issues
    Fixed AI pathing error with certain types of props
    Fixed error where multiple maps share the same Map ID
    Various map error fixes
    Various logic fixes
    Various stability fixes

    Fixed Dev Mode incorrectly triggering when the user retrieves their own save data from Steam Cloud


  • mugger


    Klappt nicht mit ElAmigo release!

    Kommen die noch mit einem Pack oder wenigstens mit einem Patch, der eine Installation mit dem Plaza ermöglicht?


    • Necro


      Das ist deswegen mit den ElAmigos Release nicht möglich weil bei den Release der Multiplayer und die SnapMap entfernt wurden, so das nur der reine Multiplayer vorhanden ist.


      • Necro


        Singleplayer meinte ich Sorry


  • bob


    Hallo leider find ich die datei SPY. ini. nicht zum umstellen auf deutsc.


    • [email protected]_1337


      Die Datei wirste wohl auch niemals finden können (zmd. unter diesem Namen)…
      Nimm die „CPY.ini“ (also mit C und nicht mit S) und zusätzlich kannste auch noch die „steam_emu.ini“ bearbeiten…
      Habs selber noch nicht getestet, da ich gerade ersma nur das Update geladen hab, das Hauptspiel hab ich noch garnicht, aber zu 99,999999999999999999% wird das funktionieren…

      Und wer jetzt denkt „wasn Dulli, läd das Update, ohne das Game zu haben“, das Game lade ich bei Zippy, aber das Update gibts leider nicht bei Zippy und ich hab gerade noch nen ShareOnline Premium-Acc gehabt, wollte das nur noch ausnutzen bei dem Update (da es ja über 20 GB hat) 😉