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Beschreibung zum Spiel

ZHEROS is a next gen beat’em up based on the genre hallmarks, above all: smashing hordes of enemies and punching stuff.
In a journey through distant and unknown galaxies, you will play as the members of the ZHEROS squad: Mike and Captain Dorian. Brave, strong as awkward and dim-witted the first one; agile, smart and ready for anything the second one. They are both intergalactic agents called to defend the universe from crime.
Your mission: defend the universe from the evil Dr. Vendetta and his twisted plan to mutate every living creature in his trusted minions.
In single player or in co-op mode, you can rely on your punches, using a rich selection of combos, and on powerful hi-tech weapons, but if that was not enough, a strong and destructive mech will come to the rescue in the most dangerous situations.

weitere Informationen
Sprache: (Englisch)
System: (PC)
Genre: Action
Größe: 2100MB
Hinzugefügt: 24.02.2016
103 Hits


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Kommentare (2)

  • THX 1138


    Hallo GLOAD-Team !

    Game ist auf Deutsch und macht richtig Laune !
    Xbox Controller wird unterstützt
    Full HD

    THX 1138


  • THX 1138


    Hallo nochmal !

    Getestet auf Win 10 inclusive Update 1.0.1
    Game ist Multi 8: Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch…….
    Mit Editor die „steam_api.ini“ bearbeiten ( german statt english )

    THX 1138 🙂