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Steel Shadows is a standalone RPG set in the epic universe of Ancient Frontier. You do NOT need to own or have played Ancient Frontier to enjoy this content. Take command of a rag tag band of pirates and outlaws as you fight your way across the Frontier for treasure and glory. Delve into our latest turn based tactical RPG.

You play as Rogan Harker, a recently freed convict. He travels to the Frontier to find old friends and start a new life. But the overpowering Federation still controls most of the Frontier, and the new and budding Alliance is no fan of outlaws. Hated and feared, the pirate life is one of constant danger. Friends and allies are hard to find and harder still to keep. Beset on all sides can Rogan find fame and fortune with his fledgling pirate fleet?

Bewertungen: 6
Durchschnitt: 5,17
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Sprache: Englisch
System: PC
Genre: Strategie
Größe: 3380MB
Hinzugefügt: 14.05.2019
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Kommentare (1)

  • McChicken


    Steel Shadows ist standalone, was hier unter anderem bedeutet, dass Ancient Frontier The Crew nicht enthalten ist, zumindest die Kampagne nicht. Könntet ihr die alten Links zu The Crew und die entsprechenden Updates wieder zugänglich machen?
    (Kommentar verschwunden, also noch ein Versuch)