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Beschreibung zum Spiel

Crusader Kings II: Charlemagne is the seventh expansion for the much
praised strategy/RPG Crusader Kings II and introduces the gamer to an
absorbing story of conquests of Charlemagne.

This expansion moves the game back almost a 100 years to 769 AD and
will offer a unique new story driven narrative about the rise of
Charlemagne and The Holy Roman Empire. It’s more of what you’ve come to
know and love from Paradox Development Studios.

Crusader Kings II explores one of the defining periods in world history
in an experience crafted by the masters of Strategy where medieval
times is brought to life in this epic game of knights, schemes, and

weitere Informationen
Sprache: (Englisch)
System: (PC)
Genre: Strategie
Größe: 893MB
Hinzugefügt: 21.10.2014
Youtube .nfo


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