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The Ottoman Empire was living one of its brightest eras. World was trembling in the presence of sultan. However, what is disturbing the sultan was the news that did not come from far away. The betrayal of Vlad, which he saw very close to himself, has become unbearable. Alp Er Tunga, one of sultan’s trusted janissaries, is appointed as the last ambassador. Tunga, who is attacked by wolves while trying to deliver the edict, is not yet aware that this attack will provide him survival against Vlad.

Bewertungen: 4
Durchschnitt: 6,50
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Sprache: Englisch
System: PC
Genre: Action
Größe: 4780MB
Hinzugefügt: 25.04.2020
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Kommentare (2)

  • n3x


    Oh, der feuchte Traum eines jeden Deutsch- Türken, jetzt auch als Game.
    Keep dreaming, keep dreaming.

    • db


      Und was ist jetzt dein problem hier?