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SARE Inception

  • PC
  • Action
  • Sprache Englisch
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  • 02.08.2019

A lot of people on earth; The Elves, people walking on fire, Kome, Mede and the other people started fighting each other due the decreasing habitats. Those who choose to stay away from these wars began to struggle for life in the mountains with hard climates. Sare as one of the hunters of one of these peoples adapted against mountains, hard conditions, and most importantly killing very well.

However, Sare did not expect this situation to end any day. Elf soldiers reached their villages surpassing over steep rocks and crossings. They burned everything. The people of village managed to send some of women and children to the other side of the mountains. The Elves brought some of the women and children including Sare’s younger brother as slaves with themselves. There is no other purpose but to stop this war for Sare and save his brother. But Sare needs to turn back to the Earth which he had turned back before to reach the Elves.

SARE Inception-PLAZA

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