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  • 02.05.2020

Snowman VR is a standard-issue wave shooter with a focus on gameplay and „gun-play“. The game features four guns; pistol (unlimited ammo but requires cooldowns), rifle, machine gun, and rocket launcher. Three amazing locations set the stage for the action. Endless numbers of enemies. Sci-fi guns for dual-blaster action! Use any means necessary for Survival! Build walls to protect yourself from aliens and take advantage of the support of a combat robot that will cover your blind side. In this game, you can compete with players around the world using the world record table. One day, our wonderful hero goes hiking in the winter forest, seeking new adventures. He puts up his tent, creates a bonfire, and relaxes under the beautiful, starry sky. Suddenly, with tremendous force, an unknown object crashes into the ground near his camp. As our hero approaches, he immediately realizes this object is technology from another world! Inside the UFO, an alarm is activated, alerting even more aliens to recover the downed craft. Our hero is in danger!

Spezifische Informationen zum Release

You need a VR headset in order to play this game.

Snowman VR-VREX

702 MB
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